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Headteacher, South Gloucestershire:

Steve has provided our independent CEIAG service for the last twelve months. He has proven to be a tremendous asset in the support, advice and guidance our students receive. We support some of the most vulnerable students across the county and Steve has the ability to engage the most hard to reach students, as well as those who are keen to receive impartial advice, from a person of substantial experience and knowledge in this area. Steve is extremely well organised, with meticulous attention to detail in terms of tracking and monitoring his work, which provides a confidence in terms of being able to measure the impact of his input over time. I am delighted that we have been able to secure Steve’s services for the next twelve months and hopefully beyond.

Text from a mother of a Year 11 (15 year old) student who was struggling with anxiety and uncertainty about the transition to Post 16:

Hey, just wanted to say a big "thankyou" for today, ‘A’ and I had a long talk after u left, about what had been said during your visit, it has definitely helped in many ways, he's now more confident about college, his future, the support that'll b put in place for him, etc. Everything u said was everything he needed to hear, so thanks again.

Parent of Year 12 (17 year old) student who had recently dropped out of college:

Steve’s help with our son has been invaluable and really helped him focus on the future after a difficult and disrupted education at secondary level. Steve provides so much more than careers advice but approaches the young person holistically and as a parent and for the young person you cannot ask for more than that.

17 year old student, not in education, employment or training:

Having the chance to talk about my anger and know that I was being listened to, was a great help as I am not used to people listening.

Email from New Zealand which says it all!

Hi Steve,
True to my word, I got up a mountain and meditated in New Zealand! I'm now 3 months into my travels with a return ticket April next year (which I may decide to not get on!).  I've also quit alcohol and drugs, practice writing every morning and am working through some issues. On top of that, I'm learning to code as I go along and am feeling a sense of direction again. I'd like to personally thank you for those 2 sessions because they probably got me closer to my goal than all the CBT and counselling sessions I had around that time put together. It was one of the catalysts that directed me to this point and I feel you really got me heading in the right direction.
So here is the photo and thank you again!
All the best

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